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Welcome to the JamAlong eLesson Library, with tons of online music lessons! Here’s the place to find Multi-Media Video Lessons (recommended), Audio Lessons (with TAB and an MP3 to jam along with), or a great Chart/TAB. All of our Video Lessons are between 25 and 40 minutes long, and include mp3 audio files for playing along to, and PDF charts for the TAB and notation.

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You can purchase individual lessons or subscribe to get access to every eLesson on the site. Whatever you choose, you’ll always get your own member page on JamAlong.org, for easy access to your lessons any time you feel like jammin!

DVD option: You may also get any of our video lessons mailed to you in DVD format, just let us know and we’ll ship it right out to you! (A shipping and handling fee of $15 per DVD will apply).

From Scales to Hot Licks, Arpeggios to Music Theory, these Skill Lessons will give you the tools to become a monster jammer, dive in and get started today!

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Here is where you’ll find lead parts to all your favorite jam songs.  All Song Lessons come with TAB and standard notation, and audio tracks with adjustable tempos so you practice at the perfect speed. Bulk up your jamming repertoire with JamAlong Song Lessons!

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The best way to become a better jammer is to jam more, and playing along with these Backing Tracks will give you the flight time you need to perfect your skills! You can practice both your Lead and Backup along with these recordings, giving you priceless jam time so you can shine at the next pickin’ party!

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Bluegrass, Fiddle Tunes, Blues, Folk

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