Online Workshops

Study with the elite instructor staff at JamAlong in these exciting online workshops! Classes are an hour long, and feature instruction and live demonstrations, Q & A, TAB and music charts on a variety of exciting subjects! All instruments are welcome, as well as all ability levels and ages. Classes are $40 for non-members, and only $20 for JamAlong subscribers. JamAlong subscribers will also get a video of the entire class for free. Space is limited so sign up now to ensure your spot…

Online Workshop Rules: Please make sure you are “muted” unless you need to ask a question (click on the microphone symbol at the bottom left of your Zoom window to do this). Make sure you have a note-pad and pen, you will be asked to take notes, and raise your hand before asking a question (try not to talk over the instructor or other students). Workshops will begin on time, if you are late that’s on you. Thanks for being a good classmate!


Previous workshops

How to Compose

So many of us think of composing as a “special talent”, something that only genius’s and the naturally gifted can do. Nothing if further from the truth…you can compose your own songs! This one-of-a-kind class will give you a whole new idea on how the composing process works, using out “JamAlong Composing Process” that will having you writing tunes in a matter of hours. You will learn how to find major and minor keys, and then put together great sounding chord progressions that match. We’ll show you how to record your ideas and then build on them, creating original melodies and themes. And, if you are a JamAlong student, you can send us your composition and we will send you back professional sheet music for your piece! This is one Workshop you can’t afford to miss, sign up now!

Understanding Jazz

Jazz can seem intimidating and hard to understand, and this is made worse by all the confusing material out there that tries to “explain” it. In this workshop we break it down to the basic nuts and bolts, from how to build jazz chords like the 9th, 13th, 7 flat 5, etc, to advanced concepts like chord substitution and passing chords. You will also learn the secrets of jazz scales, like the bebop scales, altered modes like Mixolydian and Dorian, and the “synthetic scales” such as Diminished and Whole Tone. We’ll walk you through the beginnings of jazzing up the Blues, so you can start playing jazz phrases and learning to improvise right away. If you’ve ever wanted to play jazz, this is the class for you!

Watch this workshop on YouTube HERE, download the Class Syllabus HERE

Practical Music Theory

Learn the secrets of music theory in this fun and informative class, featuring all the useful and “street-ready” tricks that you can use the next day! You will learn how to find the chords to any key, chord construction and building 7th and 9th chords, scale types and modes, chord substitution and much more. This class will teach you all the theory that performing professionals use, and will change the way you think about music forever!

Watch this workshop on YouTube HERE, download the Class Syllabus HERE

Secrets of Improvisation

Ever wondered how good player can keep a stream of notes pouring out of their instrument, and make it look effortless? Ever been frustrated with learning scales and licks and still not being able to make music with them? Then you definitely want to take this class! You will learn the magic art of turning scales into improvised music, using insider tricks like syncopated rests, string skipping, repeated riffs, and left-hand ornaments, giving you the power to improvise your own solos at the next jam!

Watch this workshop on YouTube HERE, download the Class Syllabus HERE


Would you like us to offer these workshops again? Contact us and let us know! Thanks for your interest.