Online “Zoom” Workshops

Study with the elite instructor staff at JamAlong in these exciting online workshops! You will need to have Zoom installed (click HERE to do that). All workshops are an hour long, and feature instruction and live demonstrations, Q & A, TAB and music charts on a variety of exciting subjects! All instruments are welcome, as well as all ability levels and ages. Classes are $40 for non-members, and only $20 for JamAlong subscribers. JamAlong subscribers will also get a video of the entire class for free. Space is limited so sign up now to ensure your spot…

All times listed are Pacific Time!

Online Workshop Rules: Please make sure you are “muted” unless you need to ask a question (click on the microphone symbol at the bottom left of your Zoom window to do this). Make sure you have a note-pad and pen, you will be asked to take notes, and raise your hand before asking a question (try not to talk over the instructor or other students). Workshops will begin on time, if you are late that’s on you. Thanks for being a good classmate!

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Would you like us to offer these workshops again? Contact us and let us know! Thanks for your interest.