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Make your jamming experience smooth and efficient with these must-have items from JamAlong, so you can focus on what matters most: enjoying the jam!

JamAlong Phone and Tablet Stand

Music Stand for your Cell phone! 

Did you know you can have all your chord charts, TAB and lessons right there on your cell phone or tablet? Yep, and it’s super convenient when you go to jams, lessons or just want to access your JamAlong page for a quick workout. Well now you don’t have to prop your device up and have it always falling over, or try to balance it on your knee…because now there’s the JamAlong Cellphone and Tablet Stand! This super handy stand folds up to fit in your instrument case or pocket, and holds any size cell phone or tablet so you can see your music charts hands free. Have one in all your cases and get one for your pickin pals!

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The Jam Klip

Peghead-mounted music holder

Tired of hauling your music stand around and always trying to find a place for your sheet music? Check out the Jam Klip, the clip-on music holder that attaches to the peghead of your instrument! And you get a FREE mini chordbook for 50 bluegrass or fiddle tunes with purchase of the Jam Klip, that fits in your case and your Klip!

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The Rhythmizer

Stick-on percussion for all instruments 

Add something new and exciting to your sound with the Rhythmizer, the original stick-on miniature washboard for stringed instruments! Just include it in your pick-strokes and you’ll be playing it in seconds.

See the Rhythmizer in action HERE

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Thermal Coffee Mug

“Plays Well With Others” 

We all know that jamming and coffee go hand in hand, so never be without your liquid pickin’ enhancer with this rugged thermal mug. Dishwasher safe and double insulated, your JamAlong mug will keep your coffee (or other undisclosed beverage) warm until the last song has ended. You’ll also be announcing your dedication to Playing Well With Others, the number one skill in jamming 🙂

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Engineers Cap

“I’m a Jammer” 

Proclaim your Jammer-hood with this attractive engineer style cap, made of rugged denim and featuring adjustable Velcro band on the back (so it will even fit the larger head sizes of banjo players).

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Banjo Survival Sticker

Banjo Survival – Chords and Rolls 

Beginners, now you can have all the critical information you need to know on the back of your banjo! This vinyl sticker depicts the open position and barre chords, and basic rolls for any song or jam. All you have to do is tilt your banjo forward to see the charts!

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Music Paper and Blank Charts

Bring out the composer in you with these elegant music writing tablets. For standard notation, TAB (guitar, banjo or mandolin/uke), blank chord charts, and chord progression charts.

JamAlong Stickers

Share your love of jamming with the world with JamAlong stickers! Great for your instrument case, car window, laptop or binder, our stickers range from funny sayings to cool cartoons and will add color to your life. You also get a FREE sticker of your choice with every purchase of a Video eLesson, or when you sign up for a JamAlong Subscription!