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JamAlong Chord Book

Fifty of the most popular jam songs ever! Download this handy booklet to your phone or tablet, or print out and keep it in your case for quick access and be ready to strum along at the next jam!

JamAlong Principles 

We require a few things when you study music with us, and they will make you a better musician…

JamAlong Progress Meter

Learn to stay in the “Sweet Spot” and improve faster by using this clever chart to meter your progress!

JamAlong Upper Level Curriculum 

Our advanced students are doing amazing things with their music, taking it into real life! See what we’re doing on our Upper Level Curriculum chart, and get inspired…

Music Reading Flash Cards 

Learning to read music? make it easy on yourself with these printable flash cards. Page one shows the notes, then page two is the answer sheet. Page three is for making double-sided prints so you can turn your cards over for the answer… make music reading fun!

Five fun Melodies for Sight-reading Practice

A sampling of five fun songs for you to practice your sight-reading skills with. Try to puzzle them out before looking at the answer page!

Practice Scheduler 

Get your practice session on a weekly schedule and see amazing results, print out this handy scheduler and get it on your fridge on in your music binder TODAY!

Practice Reminder Poster

Have trouble committing to a practice schedule? Print out this handy scheduling chart and write in your days and times for practice. When you have this on your fridge you’ll be reminded to play!

Music Theory – The “Chord/Number System”

This fun and informative article is an excerpt from our forthcoming book “Music Theory for Hillbillies”, which will make learning music theory fun and easy! (if you want to know when this book comes out, go “like” our Facebook page or sign up for our mailer HERE)

eBook: Chords & lyrics to 50 Popular Bluegrass songs!

Be ready for any jam session! 50 of the most popular bluegrass songs ever, with chords and lyrics

eBook: Chords to 50 Popular Fiddle Tunes!

Yep, you’ll want to learn the fiddle tunes too, download, learn and share!

Jazz Fake Books

Every legit jazz player has a dog eared copy of one or more of the “Real Books”, and here are three volumes with more jazz tunes that you’ll ever need. Get your chops up!

Real Book vol. I
Real Book vol. II
Real Book vol. III

Traditional Irish Tune Books

Going to a trad Irish jam? Download these classic tune-books first:

King Street Tune Book
King Street Tune Book (slow session)
Paul Hardy’s Session Tunebook
John Walsh Session Tunebook

Beginner Blues Scale for Guitar

Just starting out? Want to shred? Learn the Blues Scale!

Scale Chart – Guitar (the “Two Position System”)

Learn to fly around the fingerboard using these two related scale positions, shown for blues and major modes…

Capo Chart – Banjo

Ever wonder where to put your capo to get different keys on your banjo? Now you have every option in one handy chart!

Chord Families Chart

Want to know what chords go good with others? Learn your Chord Families!

Chord-Number Chart

Never be confused again when folks at a jam start hollerin out numbers, print out this handy Chord-Number reference chart and keep it in your case!

Chord Substitution Chart

Ever wonder how jazz players know what chord to replace with a fancier ones? They are using the science of “chord substitution”, and this chart is the Rosetta stone for knowing how to do this. (If you have trouble understanding this chart, please consider taking a Live Lesson with one of our instructors here at JamAlong, click HERE to set it up!)

Scale Formulas 

Want to be able to build an chord in any key? You’ll need to know the notes in all the sales, print this chart and get to memorizing!

Movable Blues Scale for Guitar

If you’re going to learn one scale on your guitar, this is the one… move it to any key and rock out!

Modal Formulas

This is the E=MC2 of modes, learn it well

Beginning Banjo Curriculum

For beginners it’s good to get birds eye view on your areas of study, so print this out and tape it to your fridge…

Advanced Banjo curriculum

Ever wondered “OK what next?” on your banjo? Wonder no more, this fun music chart lays out all of the advanced areas of study, grouped into the three primary styles of playing. We have lessons on most of these subjects, and this will keep you busy for years!

Notation to Instrument chart – Banjo

Embarking on the wild and woolly journey of reading music? have this handy notation chart on your wall and in your case!

Notation to Instrument chart – Mandolin

All the notes and where to find them, for mandolin

Notation to Instrument chart – Guitar

Don’t be that guitarist who can’t name any notes, print this out and keep in in yer case

Notation to Instrument chart – Ukulele

Learning to read music on your ukulele will open up a brand new universe, and getting this chart memorized is the first step

Music Chart: Jammer’s Journey

Chart your progress as a Jammer with this road-map of your journey. Using this checklist will really help you to understand what tools you can use where you’re at, as well as set clear goals to climb to the next level. Jam on!

Music Chart: the Five Levels of Jamming

This awesome chart depicts the hierarchy of a jam session, and goes with our “how to jam” eLessons. Be a better jammer!

Music Chart: Anatomy of a Jam

This unique graphic from JamAlong gives you a Birds eye view on what happens during the course of a song. If you know what’s going to happen, you’re odds of sounding good are a lot higher! For more on this subject take a minute to hop over to our blog on Jam Anatomy…remember to share it!

Chord Chart – Basic Guitar Chords

Learn these chords first if you’re starting out on guitar!

Chord Chart – Basic Banjo Chords

These are the ones you’re going to need to start playing chords on yer banjo

Chord Chart – Jazz Chords for Guitar

If you’re going to be dabbling in jazz at all, you’ll need to know these essential chord shapes

Chord Chart – Jazz Chords for Banjo

Take your knowledge of the banjo fingerboard to the next level with jazz chords!

Chord Chart – Movable Banjo Chords

If you know how to find the major, minor and 7th chords for the three movable shapes on your banjo, you will own the neck!

Chord Chart – Movable Banjo Chords – Keys and Inversions 

Learn how to use the three Movable Banjo Chord shapes all across the fingerboard

Chord Chart – “Drop Bass” Chords for Banjo

If you’re getting into classical or solo arranging on your banjo, these sweet chord voicing with the low bass are essential…

Chord Chart – Basic Mandolin Chords

There’s a lot more chords than this chart shows, but these ones will get you through any jam

Chord Chart – Basic Ukulele Chords

Have this on your phone, so you’ll always have that chord ready if you forget it!

Chord Chart – Movable Ukulele Chords

If you want to truly rule your fingerboard, learn the movable chord shapes for the major, minor and 7th forms…and this chart has all of them!

Chord Chart – Ukulele Jazz Chords

Jazz chords can throw you for a loop, but with this chord chart you’ll know all the easiest positions for quick use!

Chord Chart – Chord Inversions for Ukulele

If you are a beginner or new intermediate, you’re probably getting bored with just one way to play each chord…well, here’s the magic key: Chord Inversions!

“Three Universes of the Ukulele” Chart

Get a birds eye view on your ukulele journey with this handy wall chart, showing the three primary areas of play

Scale Chart: Mandolin 

Learn the four main scale positions that move around the neck, in both major (+) and minor (+)

Music Chart: Jam Song List

Keep track of how you’re doing on your jam repertoire with this handy song list. Check “chords” if you just know the chords, “Lead” if you have a break arranged, and “Improv” if you’re able to make up a solo on the spot. And if you want do do any of these things, but can’t, well it’s time for a custom eLesson!

Bass lesson: How to Compose “Walking Bass Lines”

Ever wonder how jazz and blues bass players get that smooth flow of non-stop notes? It’s called “walking bass”, and this hand-out will give you all the tools you need to start composing and playing your own walking bass lines!

 eBooklet: How to Harmonize Melodies 

Ever wondered how to find the right chords for a song? Or are you a singer/songwriter who is puzzled over what chords to strum? Well then wonder no more, all of the secrets are revealed in this awesome eBooklet, get started harmonizing melodies today! (this article is an excerpt from our forthcoming book “Music Theory for Hillbillies”, soon to be available here on or JamAlong webstore…keep checking back!)

eBooklet: How to Hold a Pick

How you hold you pick is all important, find out here

eBooklet: Learn to Improvise on the Mandolin

Ever wondered how good mandolin pickers keep that stream of notes pouring out of their instrument? We put the secrets in this book

eBooklet: Baby Steps to Mandolin

Get started on one of the funnest instruments on the planet, the mandolin!