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banjo – 12 bar blues and scale in G

banjo – Alabama Jubilee

banjo – Arpeggios for Banjo (I-vi-ii-V in Bb)

banjo – Arran Boat Song 

banjo- Basic Banjo Rolls

banjo – Bach Jesu

banjo – Bach Prelude II

banjo – Big Sandy River (as played by Noam Pikelny, 2nd break)  YOUTUBE 

banjo – Blackberry Blossom variation    AUDIO

banjo – Blackberry Blossom – banjo improv   AUDIO   YOUTUBE

banjo – Blackberry Blossom – harmony part

banjo – Black Fly Song  AUDIO

banjo – Boogie Woogie in D   AUDIO

banjo – Boll Weevil (as played by Tex Ritter)   YOUTUBE 

banjo – Brother, Can You Spare a Dime (banjo arrangement)

banjo – Cajun Baby (Merle Haggard)  AUDIO

banjo – Carolina in the Pines AUDIO (slow)   AUDIO (medium)

banjo – cheaters in the soup (bill runkle)   YOUTUBE

banjo – Chickens and Crows AUDIO  YouTube (original) 

banjo – Chromatic Scale

banjo – Comin Around the Mountain – basic banjo lead

banjo – Daisy a Day (Jud Strunk)

banjo – Dance of Time 

banjo – Dueling Banjos

banjo – Early Bird (Eagles)  YouTube 

banjo – five melodic style triplet licks 

banjo – Foggy Mountain breakdown

banjo – Folsom Prison Blues guitar solo

banjo – happy birthday!  AUDIO

banjo – Hurricane (Band of Heathens)  YOUTUBE

banjo – I’ll Go Steppin’ Too (full break including fiddle parts)  AUDIO

banjo – I Shall Trade the Old Cross (classical style banjo lead)  AUDIO

banjo – I Am A Pilgrim – banjo lead (w licks)

banjo – I can’t stop lovin you (as played by Gary Gregory)  YOUTUBE

banjo – I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

banjo – John Hardy (variation with D arpeggio lick)  AUDIO

banjo – The Irish Washerwoman

banjo – In The Summer Time (as played by Dave Hum)   YOUTUBE

banjo – I’ve Endured

banjo – Licks for the key of E Minor  AUDIO

banjo – Lift Your head Up Weary Sinner (David Crowder)

banjo – Lime House Blues (as played by Rob McCoury)  YOUTUBE

banjo – Little Sadie

banjo – Lulu Swing 

banjo – Basic Melodic Style Scales

banjo – Man of Constant Sorrow  AUDIO

banjo – Melodic Style Chromatic Scales

banjo – Melodic Style Blues Scales (for G and D)

banjo – Morrisons Jig

banjo – Moving Chord Licks for banjo

banjo – Nine Pound Hammer

banjo – Old Joe Clark

banjo – Pentatonic Scales 

banjo – Red Haired Boy (single-string style melody)  AUDIO

banjo – Rocky Top

banjo – Rolls for 3/4 time (waltz) 

banjo – Basic Scale Patterns 

banjo – single string blues scales

banjo – single string exercises

banjo – Sing Me Back Home (Merle Haggard)  AUDIO

banjo – Smile (Charlie Chaplin) – classical style banjo arrangement  AUDIO

banjo – Stars and Stripes Forever (as played by John McEuen)   YOUTUBE

banjo – Sunny Side of the Mountain (as played by Charlie Cushman)   YOUTUBE

banjo – Swallowtail Jig – melodic style

banjo – Thank God I’m a Country Boy (John Denver)

banjo – The Boxer (Simon & Garfunkel)

banjo – The Entertainer 

banjo – basic Three-Finger Single-String Exercises 

banjo – Three-Finger Single-String Licks

banjo – Travis Picking Patterns 

banjo – upper extensions for Melodic Scales

banjo – Weeping Willow (as played by Wendy Holcombe)  YOUTUBE

banjo – Will The Circle Be Unbroken 

banjo – 3/4 Time Blues Licks

bass – Basic Bass Lines and Scales

bass  – walking bass lines for common chords

bass  -walking 12 bar blues in E

guitar – 12 bar blues – 2nd position study

guitar – 12 Bar Blues in E – with jazz chords

guitar – 12 bar solo – 3 phrase style

guitar – Aberdeen by Della Mae  YOUTUBE

guitar – All Of Me

guitar – Alta Sierra Waltz

guitar – Amazing Grace – Basic Fingerstyle

guitar – Amazing Grace, chord-melody arrangement    YOUTUBE

guitar – Are You Lonsome Tonight – Elvis Presley

guitar – Arpeggios for Guitar Improvisation

guitar – Ashokan Farewell

guitar – Autumn Leaves

guitar – Basic BG licks – guitar

guitar – Beaumont Rag – APB Brian Sutton

guitar – Bluegrass Run Drill

guitar – Blue Virginia Blue – beginner lead  AUDIO

guitar – Cedar Hill

guitar – Daleys Reel

guitar – Dark Hollow – basic Carter style guitar lead

guitar – Day Tripper – Tommy Emmanuel version    YOUTUBE

guitar – EMD (Grisman Tune)

guitar – Guitar Solo using Arpeggios

guitar – Arpeggios for House of the Rising Sun 

guitar – House of the Rising Sun, basic guitar lead part  AUDIO

guitar – Interval sets for guitar

guitar – Jackaroe (crosspicking lead)  AUDIO

guitar – Jazz Chords study (Latin Jazz)  AUDIO   YOUTUBE

guitar – let’s Do It (Cole Porter, apb Josh Turner)   YOUTUBE

guitar – must have jazz chords

guitar – partial blues scales

guitar – Pentatonic Scales for Guitar

guitar – Scale Patterns – G open

guitar – Sheik of Araby (as played by Clarence White)  YOUTUBE

guitar – What A Friend we have in Jesus (as played by Bryan Kimsey)  YOUTUBE

guitar – Where the Soul of Man Never Dies  YOUTUBE

guitar – Wildwood Flower (as played by Brent Smith)  YOUTUBE 

guitar & mandolin – Bach 1st Invention

guitar & mandolin – Bach Bouree

mandolin – Across the Plains of Illinois

mandolin – Amie (Pure Prairie League)   YOUTUBE

mandolin – arpeggio patterns

mandolin – Auld Lang Syne – mandolin duet

mandolin – Bach Cello Suite I

mandolin – Besame Mucho

mandolin – the “Big G Scale Pattern”

mandolin – between the lines (Steve Goodman) – mandolin solo    YOUTUBE

mandolin – Blackberry Blossom – mandolin variation

mandolin – The Bluegrass Scales

mandolin – Blues Scales for Mandolin

mandolin – Brilliancy – Sam Bush transcription    YOUTUBE

mandolin – Camp Meeting on the Fourth of July    AUDIO

mandolin – Carolina Glide (Old Timey)

mandolin – Carolina in the Pines 

mandolin – Crosspicking Exercises for Mandolin

mandolin – Dance, Dance, Dance (Beach Boys)    AUDIO

mandolin – Diminished arpeggios

mandolin – Down the Road (beginner lead)  AUDIO

mandolin – Going Down the Road Feeling bad (E)  AUDIO

mandolin – Going To California – Mandolin

mandolin – Eight More Miles to Louisville

mandolin – Halfway Pond (Jim Childress)    AUDIO

mandolin – Hang Me Oh Hang Me (from the film “Inside Llewyn Davis”)  AUDIO

mandolin – Heard it in a Love Song (flute theme) 

mandolin – Here I Am In Love Again – mike compton mandolin lead

mandolin – Highway Forty Blues    AUDIO

mandolin – Homer the Roamer (John Hartford)

mandolin – Jolie Blon (Cajun)

mandolin – Julia Delaney – harmony part

mandolin – Julia Delaney – mandolin melody

mandolin – Maid Behind the Bar

mandolin – Mandolin lesson – Picking the Three’s

mandolin – Mandolin licks -basic fills (6 separate licks for G C and D)

mandolin – Nine Pound Hammer – mandolin crosspicked lead

mandolin – Old Dangerfield – Mandolin Melody

mandolin – Opus 38 (David Grisman)  YouTube 

mandolin – pentatonic scales (two position)

mandolin – Rider – basic melody for mandolin

mandolin – Rocky Top

mandolin – Ruins of Richmond (Norman Blake)   YOUTUBE

mandolin – Saint Anne’s Reel – mandolin melody

mandolin – scale patterns 

mandolin – Summertime (bluesy lead)   AUDIO

mandolin – Two of Us (Beatles)

mandolin- kern river 

mandolin – What a Waste of Good Corn Liquor (lead part) 

mandolin – Will the Circle be Unbroken (basic melody, in C)    AUDIO

mandolin – you are my sunshine (basic melody with tremolo)  AUDIO

ukulele – Arkansas Traveler    AUDIO

ukulele – A Mountain High Top (Guatemalan duet)

ukulele – Blues Scales – Open Position

ukulele – Buffalo Gals    AUDIO

ukulele  -Charlie is my Darling    AUDIO

ukulele – Drink to me only with thine eyes

ukulele – Fur Elise  AUDIO

ukulele – Gypsy Rover

ukulele – Basic Major Scales (Low G Tuning) 

ukulele – Somewhere Over the Rainbow – beginner version

ukulele – Somewhere Over the Rainbow (in the style of IZ)  AUDIO

ukulele – Stir it Up (Bob marley)   YOUTUBE

ukulele – Today (as played by Kimo Hussey)   YOUTUBE

ukulele – Uskadara (solo uke)    AUDIO

ukulele – Vivaldi’s “Spring” (ukulele duet)

ukulele – While Strolling Through the Park    AUDIO

ukulele – I IV V with Basic Jazz Chords