Virtual Jams

Our Virtual Jam videos are designed to give you the experience of playing with other folks in a real live jam, but none of the pressure (you have endless chances to play it again and again till you get it right). First is our standard Virtual Jam, where it’s just you and the JamAlong Instructor trading back and forth. We take the first solo, and then pass it over to you, so you can practice launching into your lead smoothly and in time. Then you’ll hand it back to the instructor for the third time through, and after that then it’s back to you for the final pass. Remember that you really want ot be using all of the skills and techniques you know when you take these solos, not just spewing out notes. Be sure to take some time to learn about the Mental Menu (click HERE to read more) which is a great trick for adding variety and personal challenge to your lead playing.

If you are at least a Custom Jammer subscriber, you can request your own songs and we’ll make Virtual Jams for you!

With the “Four Piece” Jams further down, the other instruments play the lead parts, and them eventually they pass it over to you, and bam, you get to have your moment in the spotlight! It’s really a lot of fun and will allow you to spend the time you need perfecting your soloing abilities without having to worry about anyone drinking your beer…
Note: be sure to right-click on the video first and then click “loop” to set the video re-play over and over

Virtual Jam: Wagon Wheel on Mandolin

Virtual Jam: Country-Rock groove on Banjo

Virtual Jam: Funky Blues on Banjo

Virtual Jam: Funky Blues on Ukulele

Virtual Jam: Banks of the Ohio for Mandolin

Virtual Jam (4 Piece): Bluegrass

Virtual Jam (4 Piece): Swing

Virtual Jam (4 Piece): Blues


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