Mando Crash Course – Mandolin

Mando Crash Course – Mandolin

Want to get started playing the mandolin, or maybe you already dabble but aren’t happy with where you’re at? Then this is the course for you! We bypass all the BS and get right into the fun stuff, while teaching you all the basic skills you’ll need to know to start bringing your mandolin to jam sessions. In the first video on Basic Chording you’ll learn all the important chord shapes and how to use them, with tons of play-along examples and songs to strum with. Then we turn our attention to the right hand in the second video, Mandolin Picking Technique. In this video you’ll get an amazing workout on using a pick, from how to hold it and what angle to use, to alternate picking and string combos. Finally we’ll journey into the magical land of “vibrato”, that classically mandolin sound where you flutter the pick over the strings to get sustained notes. This lesson on Tremolo not only teaches you all the proper technique, but you’ll also learn a bonus song Tennessee Waltz, a classic tremolo workout. Pick up tis Mando Crash Course today and you will go from beginner (or “getting back into it”) all the way to a jamming musician. Let’s get going!

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