Starting Bluegrass Fiddle Course – Fiddle

Starting Bluegrass Fiddle Course – Fiddle

3 Lessons


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Basic Licks for Fiddle

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How to Improvise on the Fiddle

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Scales For Jamming

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If you want to really starting ripping it up on bluegrass fiddle, or are a violinist who wants to make the transition to bluegrass and learning how to improvise, these videos will change your life! This monster JamAlong Music Course consists of our two flagship fiddle videos, “Scales for Jamming” and “How to Improvise”, both of which get you started playing the correct scales for bluegrass and include tons of live examples and lots of play-along backing tracks. In Scales for Jamming you will learn the Pentatonic Scale used on all sorts of jam music, including country, folk and rock. Then we teach you the “Folk Scale”, as we call it here at JamAlong, which is a spiced up Pentatonic Scale where we add the flat 3rd and flat 7th to give it a more bluesy flavor. And this scale is suuuuper useful, you can use it over anything, and it has that classic bluegrass sound. This lesson will teach you both of these must-have scales, and in all the popular jam keys of G, A, C, D, Eand F and then at the end of the video, we give you awesome Backing Tracks for all the keys, so you can practice along with the band just like in a real jam!

Then you will embark on the second video in the course, How to Improvise, where you will learn all the tricks that the pro’s use to improvise, including how to play riffs and phrases, string skipping, short and long bowing, that will get you playing that “stream of notes” that everyone wants.  Improvisation is something you will rarely find instruction for, and this lesson raises the bar and gives you all you need to get started improvising solos tomorrow.

The last lesson in the course, “Basic Licks for Fiddle”, will launch you into the amazing world of playing hot bluegrass “Licks”. Licks are the golden key to getting that extra sparkle to your playing, and consist of short musical phrases that match certain chords. Once you get these Licks under your belt you can use them to build solos, punctuate vocal phrases, or just practice them to get better at your bowing and bluegrass scales. In this lesson we give you a bunch of smoking hot Licks for G, C and D, including TAB, notation and audio files so learning is a breeze!

(And this last lesson is totally FREE when you purchase this course!)

Get started improvising bluegrass fiddle today with JamAlong’s Starting Bluegrass Fiddle Course!


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