Upgrade your subscription

Upgrade your subscription

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Already a Jammer? Now you can upgrade your subscription!

Upgrade to Custom Jammer

In addition to getting full access to every eLesson on jamalong.org (Jammer subscription), you can get a Custom eLesson made just for you, on any subject you choose, every month! Think about it — any song you want to learn, any trick or lick you’re dying to play — we’ll make you a custom video or audio lesson.  If you prefer, you can request a JamAlong Transcription instead of a Custom eLesson.  That’s right, each month, you can get a transcription of a favorite song.  Not only do we do standard notation, we also create custom tablature for banjo, guitar, mandolin, dobro, bass and ukulele. This is an amazing program that you will not find anywhere else, and you will have your own private library of lessons made just for you.

Upgrade to Ninja Jammer

Being able to see your instructor in person in a Live Online Music Lesson gives you a tremendous advantage and will boost your learning by 100%. When you upgrade to the Ninja Jammer subscription, you not only have full access to every eLesson on jamalong.org (Jammer subscription), you not only get Custom eLessons or JamAlong Transcriptions (Custom Jammer subscription), you also get a 45-minute one-on-one live online music lesson each month, using Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts.

With Live Online Music Lessons you can ask all the questions you want and get immediate answers. Jam together in real time, watch your instructor’s hands play the parts you’re learning, and hone your performance skills by playing in front of a real live person (very important!) We will also live-record any lesson you want and send it to you, as well as make TAB for any part you want. Upgrade now to the Ninja Jammer subscription and get the Cadillac of instructional programs!

PS: You can also downgrade your subscription, but why would you want to do that?

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3 reviews for Upgrade your subscription

  1. jefflyon

    Brae has been great to work with. Very personal attention and really gets to the core of the skills I want to develop. His ideas, suggestions and the materials on the JamAlong site have moved me further along my path. Thanks for everything!

  2. edwardeclark.ec

    Four months into the subscription and like it so much I have upgraded . I am telling all my picking buddies about Jamalong.

  3. kenjs3

    I’ve been learning from Brae for 3 months now and my playing has improved greatly! My speed an accuracy are the best they’ve been in the 20+ years I’ve been playing the 5 string. Brae will get you thinking differently about the music as well, just like bending a string, your mind will bend too. Thanks Brae!

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