When you think about it, basically all music lessons can be broken down into two groups: Skills and Songs. In other words, either you are learning a Skill (scale, new chord, hot lick, etc) or you are learning a Song (Comin’ Around the Mountain, Blackberry Blossom, or hopefully not Wagon Wheel).

This is the spot where we put all of our lessons that teach a particular song, regardless of instrument or level.

We group them into four convenient categories: EZ leads (for total beginners), Leads (for intermediate to advanced pickers), Variations (so you can learn a new break for an old tune), and Double Breaks (where you get a solid Lead and a fancy Variation to show off at the next jam!).

All of our Song Lessons come with TAB and standard notation, and audio tracks with adjustable tempos so you practice at the perfect speed. Bulk up your jamming repertoire with JamAlong Song Lessons!

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