JamAlong Transcriptions

Welcome to JamAlong Transcriptions, where we TAB it out for you! With custom transcriptions, you can learn music… your way!

Not only do we do standard notation, but we also create custom Tablature for banjo, guitar, mandolin, dobro, bass and ukulele.  So that means anything you’ve been dying to learn, whether it’s a Doc Watson guitar solo or something crazy from Jake Shimabukuro, we’ll figure out exactly how they played it and send you the TAB for every note.

This is pretty awesome when you think about it. There are many transcription services out there, but they only send you standard notation and that does not show you how to actually play the piece. Only TAB does that!

JamAlong Transcriptions are not created by a computer or any automatic software, our team of talented musicians spend hours listening to your song and painstakingly writing it out for you. This means you get 99.999% accuracy, as well as real live human beings to talk to whenever you have questions about your transcription!

Any Song | Any Style | Any Instrument

Standard notation | Tablature | Chord charts | Lyrics

Multiple file formats | JamAlong audio tracks

Starting at only $50

Online video support to learn your transcription

 Best prices and customer support anywhere

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