What our students are saying


“JamAlong has been a lifesaver for me since trying to further my banjo music. I was in a rut for a while starved for new resources and personalized advice and lessons. JamAlong has offered this and much more and is dedicated to helping make your musical experience more rewarding and fulfilling.  The lessons are customized and so well explained there is no way you can’t learn. Truly caring and dedicated, JamAlong Music is a win-win deal. You can’t get any better than this folks!”

  DaleAnn – Ashland, AL



laurie bethke“Wow! I thought I would try mandolin online lessons with JamAlong, as I live in a rural area, work full time and have a weird schedule, so “in person” lessons are difficult to manage. I am so happy that I found JamAlong. These lessons may even be better than “in person” because with screen sharing technology, instant tabbing and standard notation, all bases are covered. Forgot how the strum pattern is supposed to go? No worries, a custom video that you can watch again and again is available to refresh your memory. Not sure where to place your fingers on a difficult lick? No worries, slow-mo close up and video of live TAB is provided. Hate learning nursery rhyme songs when you are beginning? No worries, you can pick your own songs from a huge range of styles. And it is fun! Brae is a fun and funny teacher who makes it easy to follow, stress free and well organized. I love my lessons!”

Laurie – Sandpoint, Idaho



tony“I’ve had one lesson with JamAlong and have to say that their approach and material are far removed from other online tutors. Looking forward to my next session!”

Tony – UK



tina brennans“Seeds of my songs that were gathering dust are springing to life since I began learning the techniques from JamAlong for creating completed compositions. We work together online through custom videos and TAB. They quickly produce chord charts, type in lyrics, plot melodies/tabs through screen share or screen shots and I am able to download and use right away. Five stars!”

Tina – Nevada City, California



wendy robinson“Their lessons offer personalized discussions and instant solutions to musical roadblocks! I appreciate the creative explanations of musical concepts for someone like me, a non-musical thinker. And every lesson includes printable tabs to add to your songbook and personalized play-along recordings of the songs you’ve chosen!”

Wendy – Durham, California



tom wells“I have been playing the 5-string banjo for a little over three years and I found it difficult to find instructors in my area who taught the style of music I wanted to play. After taking lessons from a local instructor for a few months, I felt like I had run out of things to learn. I knew that if I were to progress to the level of playing that I wanted to be, I needed to find a new instructor.

“A short time ago I contacted JamAlong Music after finding one of their videos on YouTube, demonstrating a very cool technique that I had never heard discussed before. After a short period of correspondence with Brae from  JamAlong Music, he was quickly able to develop a set of lessons that was exactly what I wanted to learn, and what I felt I needed to learn. He was able to deliver the lessons at a schedule that worked best for me and at the same price I was paying to my “in-person” lessons. My personalized JamAlong Music lessons are extremely detailed and very well executed. I love use of multi-media in my lessons, which includes PDF files, videos, and MP3 recordings.

“I am extremely satisfied with my experience with JamAlong Music and would definitely recommend their services to any musician. JamAlong Music is perfect for anyone who is wanting to get better at their instrument, has limited time/ wanting lessons delivered at a slower pace, and for anyone who enjoys learning through the use of multi-media content.”

Tom – Salem, Oregon


“I’ve been playing mandolin for 35 or so years but have always shied away from improvising. The backing tracks at Jamalong have really helped me break free of my old habit of memorizing everything I played.  Brae’s good natured nudging has taught me some new ways to approach taking breaks at jam sessions. (Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!) I regularly attend open bluegrass sessions now and am asked to come back to some of them! I have taken lots of lessons over the years but the Jamalong Method                                                                 has worked the best for me”

Dennis Ohern – Bay View, Washington