Choose from three awesome plans:


Get full access to every eLesson on, and add your favorite lessons to your own page.  Includes a free introductory live online lesson to get you oriented.

Custom Jammer

Get full access to every eLesson on, a personalized Lesson Plan to keep you organized, and get one Custom eLesson or one Transcription per month. Includes a free introductory live online lesson to get you oriented.

Ninja Jammer

Get full access to every eLesson on, a personalized Lesson Plan to keep you organized, get one Custom eLesson or one Transcription per month, and get one live online music lesson with your instructor every month!

Ninja Plus: Add an extra live online music lesson every month. $120/month

All subscriptions come with FREE unlimited phone support 530.566.3629

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose the subscription you want and sign up.
  2. The eLesson Library will now display lesson content — videos, audio clips and downloadable chart and TAB.
  3. Browse the library and add your favorite lessons to your own member page.
  4. Log into My Lessons whenever you want and all your favorite lessons will be right there.
  5. Call or email us to schedule your introductory live online lesson.
  6. You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time — like if you go on vacation or just need a break.

Custom Jammers and Ninja Jammers also get free Custom eLessons  made just for you.  Just fill out our easy online questionnaire using the link on My Lessons and we’ll get to work!  When it’s ready we’ll add it to your My Lessons page and shoot you an email. And don’t worry, if you’re too busy with life (we understand) your JamAlong instructor can suggest lesson topics that are exactly  what you need, and you’ll still get instruction tailor-made just for YOU. Yep, you won’t find this level of custom instruction anywhere else. Period.

Please note: Custom Lessons take a minimum of a week to deliver, please be patient! 

And that’s not all!  Ninja Jammers also get a free live online music lesson or in-person lesson every month, to jam with your instructor and go over everything you’ve been working on…too much fun 🙂  Add a second lesson every month for only $40!

Subscribe now and get these FREE perks…

All three subscriptions come with a lot of perks:

  • Free “lyric and chord” charts for any song you need (yep, just tell us what song, and we’ll send you a lyric sheet with all the chords!)
  • Audio “tempo and pitch” service: we can slow down or re-tune any recording for you
  • Send videos of your playing to us and we’ll post them on our JamAlong Facebook page, a great way to meet other Jammers!
  • Ongoing group video-lessons where you get to hang out with other students and play tunes! (contact us to get the schedule)
  • Join up with our network of online music forums to make musical friends and find free resources (click here to get started)
  • Live chat support when you’re on the site for any questions or help with whatever you’re practicing (just click the little icon on the right side of your screen)

And finally, with all of our memberships you get live support any old time, just call (530) 566-3629, and talk to a real live human being who is friendly and helpful. On our support line you can ask questions about something you’re trying to learn, get additional instruction and even play something you’re working on over the phone. Makes learning much easier when you can talk to our instructors anytime you need!


Yes! I want to subscribe now!


Custom Jammer

Ninja Jammer


New subscribers: Please allow for up to 24 hours for your payment to process and your subscription to become active. Format of custom lesson for Custom and Ninja subscriptions (whether lesson is chart, audio or video) will be determined by JamAlong instructor, depending on the subject or song chosen by student. 


Already a Jammer?  Now you can upgrade your subscription!


Upgrade to Custom Jammer

In addition to getting full access to every eLesson on (Jammer subscription), you can get a Custom eLesson made just for you, on any subject you choose, every month! Think about it — any song you want to learn, any trick or lick you’re dying to play — we’ll make you a custom video or audio lesson, complete all the notation, TAB and music charts. This is an amazing program that you will not find anywhere else, and you will have your own private library of lessons made just for you.

Or if you prefer, you can request a transcription instead of a Custom eLesson.  That’s right, each month, you can get a transcription of a favorite song.  Not only do we do standard notation, we also create custom tablature for banjo, guitar, mandolin, dobro, bass and ukulele.

Upgrade to Ninja Jammer

Being able to see your instructor in person with our live online music lessons gives you a tremendous advantage and will boost your learning by 100%. When you upgrade to the Ninja Jammer subscription, you not only have full access to every eLesson on (Jammer subscription), you not only get Custom eLessons or transcriptions (Custom Jammer subscription), you also get a 45-minute one-on-one live online music lesson each month, using Skype or FaceTime or whatever you like best. (We like Zoom; download it and give it a try).

With our live online music lessons, you can ask all the questions you want and get immediate answers. Jam together in real time, watch your instructor’s hands play the parts you’re learning, and hone your performance skills by playing in front of a real live person (very important!) We will also live-record any lesson you want and send it to you, as well as make TAB for any part you want. Upgrade now to the Ninja Jammer subscription and get the Cadillac of instructional programs!

Upgrade to Ninja Plus

One live online music lesson a month just isn’t cutting it? Need to see your instructor more? Want to see your skills improve even faster? Upgrade to the Ninja Plus subscription and get a live online music lesson every other week! This is a great way to get more face-time with your teacher, ask more questions and get more jamming in. And you’ll save $10 from the regular lesson price, get a second lesson each month for only $40.

To upgrade your subscription:
  1. Go to the Subscriptions tab in My Account  > Go there now
  2. Click on the “View” button
  3. Then click on the “Upgrade or Downgrade” button
  4. Add the subscription plan you want to your cart and go through checkout

A credit for the remaining days in your current subscription will be applied to your new subscription.