JamAlong Records

Welcome to JamAlong Records, where we showcase the albums of our instructors, partners and students. (Yes that’s right, if you are a JamAlong student, you can include your album in our store, and we’ll help you sell it!). 

Our albums are available as a download (so you can play it on your computer, phone, or any of your devices), and/or a physical CD that we’ll mail to you. Start bumpin these tunes!

JamAlong Records is a brand new feature of our site, so please be patient, there will be many more albums appearing here soon…

Trippin the Dew

Trippin the Dew is a delightful blend of Traditional and modern Celtic Styles, with flavors of bluegrass and folk music mixed throughout. The band is fronted by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Seabury Gould, and banjoist/mandolinist Braeden Lewis. With guests fiddlers Evan Morden and Blake Ritter the sound is both unique and enjoyable, perfect music for background or entertaining.

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Klezmergrass album - cover art

What happens when a 5-string banjo player starts hanging out with a bunch of Klezmer musicians? You get KlezmerGrass!

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